When something works, you just want to share!!While testimonials are not considered ‘scientific’, nonetheless they can have considerable value.  Because a product has not been subject to an ‘official’ clinical study does not mean it has no value.  In reality, most natural products are not subject to clinical studies because they cannot usually be patented, and therefore there is no economic incentive to pay for a costly clinical study.  This is the plight of the alternative and complementary medicine industry, so we rely on the practical experience of holistic practitioners and the feedback or ‘testimonials’ of people who have been helped.  It is in this way the message can be spread, from one person who has been helped to another person seeking help.

I have been taking Serrapeptase for a week for arthritic pain. I feel Serrapeptase has lessened my misery from painful aching joints.
I am also trying an experiment with it. I have stenosis of the internal jugular vein on the right side on my neck. This condition has caused Secondary Intracranical Hypertension. I have too much CSF which puts added pressure on my brain. I could lose my vision from pressure on my optic nerves. Treatments for IH are horrible, eye operations, spinal taps, shunts which are all terrifying. If the stenosis in my neck is caused by plaque I am ever hopeful Serrapeptase will help me get rid of it. I also have other medical problems, like uterine fibroids. I will personally keep you informed if Serrapeptase makes a difference to the neck stenosis. 
I cut my finger while cooking, a deep cut on my left thumb.  I let it heal for several days until it was no longer open, then I started using a mixture of Serrapeptase out of the capsule mixed with coconut oil.  I put the mixture on the wound and covered it with a bandage every other night for a week.  It has healed soft and pliant with no scar. 

 It's always good to know when someone else found a product that works.
I think Serrapeptase is amazing. I've been using it for several months to keep inflammation down due to a chronic back problem. I've recommended it in my practice to others for allergies & acne & had had great results.
Dr. L.
We have two sons with cystic fibrosis, Kory is 30 and Jeremy is 28. Jeremy is much healthier than Kory and always has been, last year Jeremy and his wife went to Taipei in Taiwan. For six months last year, Jeremy took his turmeric and Serrapeptase with him and took both until he ran out of them. But he did not get sick at all. The pollution is extremely bad there. His wife was sick with colds and sinuses problems the whole six months, and she does not have CF and is normally healthy.
Our son Kory has seen a huge improvement with his lungs since taking Serrapeptase along with turmeric two years ago.
Two years ago, he was to the point that he needed a lung transplant and hospitalized often for 5 wks. at a time.
The Drs. gave up on him and said we cannot do any more, in fact the one Dr. Said to Kory "I can't believe you lived this long," This is when he started to take the Serrapeptase and turmeric.
Kory got married a year ago, is working and doing well. Last Feb. he was hospitalized for two wks. after the first wk. the Dr. could not believe his recovery. His x-ray showed less scar tissue. and that has never happened before.  It had been years since Kory spent only two wks. in the hospital, it had always been 5 wks, and even then, he felt no better when he left the hospital, then when he went in. He has not been hospitalized since.
We have told many, many people about  Serrapeptase. In fact when we were in Venice, Italy in Sept. 06, we told a friend there about Serrapeptase who needed a very dangerous operation on her legs due to problems with her veins. The Dr. said the type of operation she needed she could easily die during the operation. We had some Serrapeptase with us and she took them for a couple weeks then ran out. It took two months or more to get some sent from a distributor, but long story short she has improved tremendously and does not need the operation and has no more swelling....

In June '05 I had a live and dried blood cell analysis done. I was advised that my liver was not working well and neither were the hormonal systems working together.
I changed my diet and went back for another analysis in mid-August '05. The prognosis was worse and it was suggested that I do a liver cleanse, which I did the following weekend. After the flush I felt great for four days, then, back to how I felt before.
I decided to take 3 of the Serrapeptase 60,000 I.U. caps in the morning on an empty stomach and then 3 of the same at bedtime on an empty stomach. I did this for one month and then had another analysis done. My liver was doing great as was the hormonal system.
I also cannot take pain killers, and find that 2-3 caps a day keep any arthritis pain at bay.
p.s. also appears to have eliminated my hourly hot flashes!
I was introduced and asked to try Serrapeptase, from an acquaintance from our church one day and she asked me to try it for a week to see if it would help my pain.
I have suffered from chronic pain in both my back and my hips since I was a young man. I am now 49 years of age. My hips have osteoarthritis in them and I have four spurs that are on the lower four vertebrae of my back which constantly feel as if they are poking into my back. I have suffered from spasms in my lower extremities to the point of collapsing and being unable to walk. For the last couple of years I have been using a cane to help when I stand, as it was extremely painful to do for any length of time.
Serrapeptase Rx - natural, safe pain relief.I started on the Serrapeptase on a Monday and by the following Thursday I was starting to notice that I could go without my magnet belt for longer periods of time during the day.  The following Saturday I was out helping friends from my church to put up a garage. I cut and stood for several hours and felt somewhat stiff and sore but I noticed the next day that my back didn't hurt like it normally did. Throughout the following weeks I have recognized a distinct difference in the amount of pain I suffer now.  I am now able to lift and do things I haven't been able to do without hurting myself for the last 30 years.
This product is a miracle in my life as it has given me the freedom to start doing things again, that I had given up on years ago. Thank you Lorenda for introducing this to me and may God Bless all you do.
I have Type II Diabetes and ten years ago I had By-Pass Surgery. Usually diabetics who have had one by-pass end up having another one in less than five years so I felt myself lucky to get to the tenth years with little or no problems.
When my cardiologist scheduled me for a stress test, I thought here I go again. I failed the stress test (I didn't have the breath to go on). I was then scheduled for an echo-cardiogram. The physician didn't like what he saw and heard on the monitor, so I was scheduled for an angiogram in 3 months. I thought for sure, I would end up having to have a by-pass again, so in the 3 months, I was going to do everything I could to avoid that surgery.
I bought a bottle of Serrapeptase from the health food store and took the maximum dosage until my angiogram. The day came, I was scheduled to be in first but my potassium levels were too high, so they injected something to counteract the potassium and I waited until I was the last patient. It was a long and trying day but the end results were good. There were no blockages in the flow of the blood to and from the heart. Yes, there were blockage at the tissue graphing sites but the blood had developed other routes to carry the blood and those were clear of any blockage. We credit the clean veins to the use of Serrapeptase. I continue to use Serrapeptase at the recommended daily dosage and perhaps I can avoid ever having to have another by-pass.
Suffering from Angina and awaiting an Angiogram, I started taking Serrapeptase as recommended.
I took the 4 capsules three times a day for 21 days and noticed almost immediately that my Angina was occurring less and less. Now after five times 90 caps = 450 caps I now am able to run and walk hills without any Angina symptoms. The cost was only $200.00.
I will continue to take the recommended daily dosage to maintain my Angina-free lifestyle.
I started taking Serrapeptase after hearing about its benefits on a talk radio program. I am happy to report that I have never felt better. After only four days on it my sinuses have almost completely drained and my headaches have started to clear. I have suffered from congestion for so long that I can't remember when I didn't. I can actually touch my face without it being tender. I will be telling my friends about this product because I am very impressed with the results thus far. 
One thing that I should mention is that I have noticed is a slightly dizzy feeling, but am sure that this will pass when the process is a little farther along. I will keep you posted.
In September of 2003, when visiting a specialist for what I believed was further torn meniscus cartilage, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee. At that time I was both in pain and had a pronounced limp. For almost a year I worked on this problem with glucosamine, exercise, stretching and the wearing of "golfer's style" copper and metallic bracelets. This combination has helped me gradually get relief from pain, allowed me to walk without a limp and to resume my lifelong hiking "habit".
Then I discovered Serrapeptase quite by accident. I read the literature on your website and decided to try it. I started on the recommended dosage in August of this year, and the results became quickly apparent. Whether due to the Serapeptase alone or its combination with the previously mentioned other remedies I don't know, but the improvement was accelerated dramatically and almost immediately. So much so, that in October I went on a hiking trip in California, and in one six day period climbed four peaks that were nine, ten, eleven, and thirteen thousand feet with absolutely no after affects, as well as numerous other strenuous hikes in the Death Valley area.
I cannot say enough about this product. I know that this condition will stay with me and can't be totally cured without a knee replacement procedure, but the advent of Serrapeptase has allowed me to almost totally ignore the problem and carry on as if it didn't exist. I'm so pleased with the results that I often forget the additional benefits of Serrapeptase, it truly is a fantastic product.
I am so very happy with the improvements I have had since I started taking Serrapeptase.  Before Serrapeptase I had great pain in my legs when I was walking. I can now walk pain free. I have an all over feeling of well being that I did not have before Serrapeptase. Besides that my body feels lighter with more energy. I am grateful beyond words for the help this wonderful product has given me. I thank the dear people who made this all possible.
Thanks to Serrapeptase, almost overnight my stomach is finally comfortable ('invisible') after YEARS of trying stomach remedies.  I no longer have constant hypoglycemia. I go hours and hours without worrying about needing to eat. This I'm sure will lead to weight loss. My osteoarthritis is getting better--rings I couldn't wear a couple of weeks ago now fit, and swelling and pain in the worst joint (knuckle) is down by 50%, meaning mobility is up 50%!  I'm VERY grateful.